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318 FIS Fighters

The lead aircraft is an F-15 Eagle and it has been around since the 1970's.   They were just starting to talk about phasing them into the 318 FIS as I left in late 1974.  I actually bagged a ride in this aircraft with my old unit in trade for this very painting.  The painting was donated to the McChord AFB museum (a part of the Air Force Museum system) when the 318th was deactivated in the early to mid-1980's.

The F-106  "Delta Dart" is the next aircraft going back through the history of the unit chronologically, then its predecessor,  the F-102 "Delta Dagger", both Convair products.   The coincidence here is I later worked for General Dynamics which took over Convair some time during the 1980s I believe.   They produced the F-16, at GD's Fort Worth division, which was later taken over by Lockheed!  Man, it gets confusing!  I still bristle when I hear the phrase "Lockheed F-16".   They had nothing to do with the genius behind this aircraft.  Not that they aren't pretty sharp in their own right...
The last aircraft in the line is the F-80. As a single seat "fighter", it was known is the F-80 "Shooting Star"; the twin seat trainer wound up with the somewhat derogatory nickname "T-Bird".  You should have seen its engine- it looked like a big centrifugal blower with headers!  How archaic!


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