Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Billy Mitchell

Mark McCandlish has created a 16 X 20 foot hanging mural that was created for the Col. Billy Mitchell Memorial B-1 & B-2 Systems Logistical Support Center at Wright-Patterson AFB, in Dayton Ohio.
This huge painting hangs in the lobby of the Logistics Center on a wall to the immediate left of the two story lobby, spanning the fist and second floors.  During the production of this painting, a huge, rolling scaffold was was constructed in order to accommodate the large dimensions of the project.  No facility could be found that could provide room for the project and its 20 foot vertical format.  A recent acquaince at the time, Mr. Gary Kerfoot, had recently constructed a massive, 3500 square foot garage on his property, with a sixteen and a half foot high ceiling.  He generously allowed the production of this project inside his garage for the better part of nine months, spanning both the warmest and coldest parts of the year.  The Summer high that year, 1997 was 117 degrees.  Winter saw temperatures below freezing.  Over the course of the three seasons of the project, there were alternate concerns for my acryllic-based paints freezing or coagulating into plugs of plastic in the non-air-conditioned garage.

It is hanging in the foyer

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