Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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1982 Sighting Cedarville

This is a detailed sketch based on a polaroid photo taken of this vehicle hovering near a road side just north of Cedarville, CA in 1982, in b road daylight.  There are perhaps a dozen other winesses in view in the foreground of the photo (coming soon).
The craft was immense in size, estimated at somewhere between 300 and 600 feet in length along one side.  It appeared to be in trouble, with some kind of flight control problem. It was positioned about 250 feet in the air, nose down at a 30 degree angle to the horizontal, banked about 40 degrees to the starboard.  It emitted a low frequency, pulsating sound, that could be felt and heard even from a quarter of a mile away, in the estimation of the witness.
When the vehicle finally sorted out its problem, it pitched end over end, with the front rising and the trailing "wings" dropping while at the same time rolling on its longitudinal axis clockwise.  It ended this manuever pointing up and away from the witnesses.   It began to move slowly away, ascending, and once it reached an altitude of perhaps t2,000 feet, it suddenly shot away at a tremendous velocity, and out of sight.
The witness who took the polaroid returned to the location several days to a week later hoping to find some evidence of the vehicle's presence and was flagged down almost immediately and asked to leave the area by a local county sheriff's deputy.

Copyright Mark McCandlish