Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Space Station and X31

Here's a double with an illustration of a space walk and a cover for Popular Science showing the X-31/\.

The conceptual of the space walker shows a new EVA spacesuit featuring re-usable molecular seives permitting 300 cycles of use before a rebuild. This was a proposed replacement for an existing NASA unit thgat could only be cycled three times before rebuild.

The X-31 cover apparently caused some controversy within the Defendse Department since it shows a Navy fighter with a folding wing design, for aircraft carrier storage. However, the aircraft was developed under a USAF program and it did not have folding wings. Still, that's what the editorial staff wanted. It led to good things, though, when the manufacturer requested an identical painting with corporate markings - and a non-folding wing design!


Copyright Mark McCandlish